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NEWS / 22.12.2003


The road from Butovo to the center will take half an hour

In Moscow on December 27, will open the first line of light metro, which will connect the South Butovo with the center of the capital. As stated by the Chief of the Moscow metro Dmitri Gaev, from this remote district of Moscow to the center the trip would take 30-40 minutes, rather than 1.5 hours, as it is now. The new mode of transport at first, will carry 12 thousand people per hour. A through the year the new metro will be benefited by some 58 million people.

The first line of light metro has 7 stations: "Starokachalovskaya street", "Skobelskogo street", "Boulevard of Admiral Ushakov", "Gorchakova street", "Buninskaya alley", "Staropotapovskaya street", "Ostafevskaya street." Its length - 10,8 km, of which 8.2 - the route along the motorway.

The construction of a light metro in Moscow will not finish at the Butovo line. It is expected that in 2005, Solntsevskaya line will be commissioned into operation, change to which could be done at the "South-West" station. Moreover, it is anticipated that along the motorway of the fourth transport ring, construction of which is only in the plans, there will be a ring of light metro line.

The Moscow authorities also prepare to commission into operation the first monorail road connecting the metro stations "VDNH" and "Timiryazevskaya." And in a year and a half time, second part of the monorail road will be commissioned into operation - between "VDNH" and the "Botanicheski Sad". As a result, the total length of line will be 8 kilometers. In the not too distant future monorail trains will run between the airport Vnukovo and the metro station "South-West", Krasnopresnensk prospect and Novorizhski highway (thought the tunnel under Sirebreni bor); under construction amusement park in Nagatinsk floodplain and the ski base at Vorobievi Gori (on the embankment of Moscow River).

Automated Fare Collection systems of all new lines are developed and delivered by the Smart Technology Group and provide full compatibility of ticket systems of these modes of transport.