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NEWS / 05.09.2008


The government of Moscow has confirmed new rules for the use of municipal above-ground public transport

In Moscow at the beginning of September, 2008 the new edition of rules for the use of municipal above-ground public transport took effect.
As reported by the RBK agency, the new rules are essentially re-worked and expanded, with new sections and points added.
Thus, the section describing the duties of drivers has been expanded.  Now a driver is obliged to inform passengers about controls on the line.  In addition, a driver can bypass stops when the salon is full after a preliminary warning to passengers. Rules also regulate the actions of the driver with regards to rendering assistance to invalids at bus, trolleybus and tram stops, in particular, allowing access through the second door.
In the new wording of the rules the mechanism for the exchange or return of faulty tickets that are not the fault of the passenger is stipulated.  Such mechanism existed earlier, but now each passenger will know whom to address in the case of a malfunction of a travel document.
Duties of passengers are also specified. In particular passengers, with a view to their own safety, are obliged to hold on to a hand-rail.  An infringement of the rule by passengers will attract the attention of the responsible authorities. In the previous edition of rules the corresponding point was only a recommendation.