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NEWS / 09.10.2008


Turnstiles will be removed from transport, only when passengers will be honest

In Moscow, over time, turnstiles will be removed from public on-ground transport. As announced at the press conference, by the Deputy Head of the Department of Transport and Communications of Moscow, Alexander Vorobyov, this can be done after the "passenger consciousness will change".

Already, much more Muscovites have been "putting out" their travel documents through the validators (readers for travel payment), located in the salons of the vehicles, said A. Vorobyov.

But he noted that it is too early to refuse turnstiles. "We held an experiment recently, in which one of the salons of a tram was installed with only a validator, and another was installed with a validator and a turnstile. And passengers tried to get to the car, where there was only the validator, in order to freely enter the salon without a ticket", - said A. Vorobiev. Nevertheless, he felt that the prospect of refusing turnstiles in the near future is still very likely.