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NEWS / 16.12.2008


Special traffic lanes for public transport

By mid-2009 public on-ground transport of Moscow will have special traffic lanes. First special lanes for public transport will be launched at Volokolamskoye highway. The lanes will be opened for rout taxis but closed for taxis.

According to Head of Department of Transport and Communications of Moscow Leonid Lipsits, a project of creation of special lanes for public on-ground transport is still under development. In October 2008, this project was advertised for construction. Implementation is scheduled for the spring-summer 2009. By this time the authorities expect to undertake preparatory work, including the road markings, installation of new traffic signs and monitoring of the changes in traffic patterns.

In addition to buses, trolleybuses and trams the special traffic lanes will be opened for the rout taxis. However, the lanes will be closed for the ordinary taxis – because taxis in their external features often not much different from conventional passenger cars and there is a huge possibility that they can only discredit the whole system – car drivers, could simply ignore the ban on entry into the special lanes, and all the efforts to increase the travel speed of the public transport will ashes.

According to Lipsits’ prospect, the first special traffic lane at Volokolamskoye highway will be launched by mid-2009. Subsequently, the special lanes for public transport will appear at Leningradskoye Highway and Leninsky Prospekt.

"The task is not as simple as it seems: you can not just paint allocate lane for priority of public transport, banning other vehicles," - explained Lipsits.

Special traffic lanes on the roads are scheduled to be marked with both the road markings, and special guards. One of the options discussed - a fencing on the basis of springs, which produces an unpleasant sound when crossed.