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NEWS / 18.12.2008


Zonal fare collection can be introduced in Moscow Metro

Returning to discussions of introducing zonal fare collection in Moscow Metro is possible after 2015. This was reported to ITAR-TASS by Dmitri Gaev the Head of the Moscow Metro.

In particular, he noted that "due to the plans of development of additional passenger transportation systems in Moscow and launch of the third transfer circuit of the subway the stage for returning to this issue will be set."

Meanwhile, the introduction of zonal fare collection is impractical, Gaev stressed, adding that under the current scheme of transportation lines, many passengers are forced to make travels in order to transfer to another line.

The end of the construction of the third transfer circuit of metro is scheduled for 2015. Tne new circuit of metro will run near the “Victory Park”, "Business Center","Hodynki”, "Savelovskaya" and will ring up the entire capital, becoming a second ring line of metro. The new contour will be located between the third and fourth transport rings of Moscow and all new metro line which will be built from the nearest suburbs will be connected to it.

Once the new circuit will be built, there will be no need to travel through the centre on the way from one end of the city to another.

To introduce the zonal fare collection in Moscow Metro the implementation of ticket control at the exit of stations will be required.