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NEWS / 09.01.2009


Single transport card for all types of transport of Moscow and Moscow Region is soon to be introduced

In early 2009 (exact date is yet unknown) single transport cards will be available. Using this card one can travel by subway, buses, trams and trolleybuses in Moscow, as well as the suburban buses of Mostransavto and commuter trains of Moscow Railroad. Ticket price will depend on the set of transport and number of travels, "Izvestia" reports.

A new Single Transport Card is similar to the smart card, which has long been produced by transport operators in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Now all of these transport cards will be united in one. It will be possible to buy the travels in all cashier offices of Moscow Metro, as well as in some kiosks of Mosgortrans and Mostransavto equipped with special electronics. But unfortunately, the single transport card could not be charged in one cashier office for all types of transport.

The Single Transport Card will be suitable for those who go to work or study from the suburbs of Moscow and back, and for people who spend their time at dachas – this transport card will be good for travelling in Moscow by ground transport or subway, then commuter train and then by bus in Moscow Region.

The card is not restorable if lost. In the case of breakage or damaged, the card will be restored at the cash desk of the transport enterprise where it was sold. The broken card will be exchanged with a new one, and the travels will be restored, based on the computer records. The travels of other transport operators could be restored at their ticket offices.

The Single Transport Card will come to market when all four of the transport operators -  Moscow Metro, Mosgortrans, Mostransavto and Moscow Railroad will prepare their  electronics to this modernity.

The Smart Technologies Group has developed Automated Fare Collection System of Moscow Metro and Mosgortrans to receive a single transport card.