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NEWS / 02.04.2009


New system of trains traffic will be used in the Moscow Metro

Mikhail Krestmeyn, the chief engineer of the Moscow General Plan Institute, told journalists that the new system of trains traffic will be apply in the Moscow Subway from 2015 year.

In the coming years will be built "new path" of Subway. It will be represent a closed ring, but the train will go on it not as at an existing ring line.

According to M. Krestmeyna this new ring will be approached the radial lines, and the train moving, for example, from the north-western district of Moscow, will partially pass the sector of the new ring and leaves, for example, in the south-east, not passing through the center .

M. Krestmeyn noted that the new ring will allow to create a system of subway routes, due to passengers will be able to save travel time and less use changes, that will greatly increase the comfort of movement.