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NEWS / 25.02.2010


Single Transport Card for all types of transport will be in April

In early 2009, was scheduled to flow Single Transport Card for sale. But its release was postponed. At a recent online conference Dmitry Gayev said that the emergence of multi-functional new items are expected in April this year.

Single Transport Card is multifunctional, with its help you can ride the subway, buses, trams and trolleybuses in Moscow, as well as suburban trains and buses Mostransavto. Citizens will be given a choice of several tariffs, the cost of which will depend on the set of transport and the number of trips.

If you lose the card - it is not restored, but if it fails, the owner can simply ask the cashier of the company, where it was sold. It will replace the map to a new, free travel would restore her company, based on records in the computer. Trips to other modes of transport will need to recover in their offices.