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MOSGORTRANS is one of the world's largest surface passenger transport operators with over 5,000 buses, 1,500 trolleybuses, 800 trams and a network of 678 routes: 38 tram, 86 trolleybus and more than 500 bus routes. The daily volume of passengers exceeds 6 million.

Since February 2003 the routes of MOSGORTRANS have been equipped with the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System, which significantly changed surface transportation in Moscow. AFC System increased fare collection, established recording of concession fares and enforced orderly payment of fares. Accounting for passenger flow on routes allowed the upgrading of the route network and the optimizing of vehicle management.

The AFC System of MOSGORTRANS includes: 

  • 7,812 buses, trolley buses and trams;
  • 240 automated points of sale;
  • 1 boarding terminal;
  • 31 Depot Systems;
  • Ticket Encoding Center;
  • Data Processing Center.

The AFC System of MOSGORTRANS is a "closed" type fare collection system (restricts free access to the passenger compartment) with the following features:

  • Boarding (of passengers) through the front door of vehicle;
  • Each passenger must have a valid ticket;
  • Automated fare collection on boarding;
  • Access to passenger compartment only with valid tickets;
  • Free exit from the passenger compartment through all doors except the front.

The methods of fare payment in the AFC System of MOSGORTRANS are magnetic stripe cards and contactless smart cards (Mifare ® Standard 1K and Mifare ® Ultralight).