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Automated fare payment (AFCS) in underground railways is already typical for underground railways in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.  The technology of AFCS is developed on the basis of advanced technology and technological and organizational decisions adapted for use in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

AFCS is intended to increase the overall performance of the Moscow Metropolitan and improve the quality of service to passengers.
AFCS uses magnetic strip cards (magnetic tickets) and contactless smart cards (CSM) as means of payment, both meeting the requirements of the relevant international standards.
The problems addressed by AFCS in the Moscow Metropolitan include:
  • Automatic access control for passengers of the underground railway;

  • Automated accounting of ticket sales at cashiers;

  • Automatic counting of passenger entries;

  • Protection against fraud and counterfeit tickets;

  • Centralised accounting of passenger traffic volume;

  • Centralised control of ticket use.

Structure of AFCS in the Moscow Metropolitan
  • Control and accounting centre, based on a multiprocessing computer complex;

  • Ticket coding and storage centre, including the coding of magnetic tickets and initializing contactless smart cards;

  • Telecommunication network for data transmission;

  • Computer networks in station vestibules;

  • Automated control points (turnstiles with validators);

  • Information terminals;

  • Automated cashier desk exchanges.