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Automated Systems of Dispatching Management of Passenger Transport

Purpose of the System

Automated system of dispatching management of passenger transport is designed to ensure reliable tracking and monitoring of movement of vehicles of passenger transport on the line.

 Monitoring of the vehicles represents a reception of data from the vehicles, their storage and analysis.

Controlling the movement of vehicles is composed of the issue of governing effects, that determine the mode of movement of vehicles on the line.

Composition of the system

The automated system of dispatching management of passenger transport includes:

  • measurement and control means, installed in the vehicle (telemetric devices);

  • dispatcher center, including:

    • database server;

    • communications server;

    • applications server;

    • automated workstations of operators.

 The system uses:
  • satellite navigation system GPS or GLONASS;

  • operator network of mobile communication, of standard GSM 900/1800 and CDMA-450.


The composition of dispatching management system

The composition of dispatching management system


System functions

The automated system of dispatch management of passenger transport provides the following functions:
  • Monitoring the current status of the vehicles in real time with a frequency of 10 seconds or at the request of the operator;

  • Automatic monitoring of the implementation of a given route to the issuance of communication with the deviation from the route;

  • Automatic follow-up on the schedule on the route with the identification of deviation from the schedule;

  • Generation and sending of text messages from the operator to the driver;

  • Voice connection both as the initiative of the operator, and at the initiative of the driver;

  • Registration, storage and processing of information about the temperature in the salon of the vehicle;

  • Formation of reporting forms, including:

    • traffic history

    • mileage report

    • report on the operation of the route

    • intervals in movement

    • regularity of movements