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Production and commercial operations management in "Mosgortrans"


"Mosgortrans" is the main operator of surface passenger transport in Moscow and the world's largest surface public transportation enterprise.

The rolling stock of "Mosgortrans" carries more than 47 % of the total surface passenger journeys in the capital, or more than 5 million passengers daily. Some statistics of Mosgortrans include:

  • 53 branches
  • 650 routes
  • 40,000 employees
Objectives of implementation
The main goal of implementation of automated production and commercial operations management system build on SAP R/3 platform was prime cost control of transportation, including cost of fuel, spare parts and accessories, wages of drivers and conductors.
It was necessary to:
  • Make the prime cost of transportation understandable/clear,
  • Be able to quantitatively compare economic and financial indicators of car parks,
  • Be able to determine where deviations take place, and understand their cause.
Implemented Functions:
  • Financial management (accounting and reporting, funds management, tax accounting, general ledger, asset accounting / FI)

  • Accounting of transport activity (STC)

  • Payroll and Staff (HR)

  • Maintenance service and repair (PM)

  • Materials Management (MM)

  • Real estate (property) Management (RE)

Implementation Results
Mosgortrans has received a fully automated production and commercial operations management system as a result of the SAP solutions implementation
The company results were as follows: 
  • Creation of a single information space:

    • Unified centralized regulatory guides;

    • Unified primary documentation;

    • Unified algorithm of wage computation in accordance with wage types approved by Mosgortrans Headquarters and Russian Federation Legislation;

    • Unified directory of debtors and creditors;

    • Unified algorithm of cost accounting and planning, taking into account the individual characteristics of branches in accordance with accounting policies of Mosgortrans;

    • Unified format for reporting of branches to the headquarters of Mosgortrans;

    • Unified algorithm of monitoring and report forms;

  • Monitoring of work in all branches of divisions in real time

  • Reduction in POL expenditure of up to 15% due to POL expenditure rate control for each modification of transport haulage

  • Increase in run between repairs of transport through well-timed scheduled/preventive maintenance and the use warranty work

  • Timely transfer of branches’ reporting to the Mosgortrans headquarters

  • Formation of prompt statements for any period of time

  • Distinct delineation of user permissions and rights

  • Development of unified register of real estate including unique characteristics

  • Unified information and technical support provision from the solution vendor.

M. E. Trusenkova: "Without SAP we spent 80% of time on information processing and only 20% of time on its analysis and half of it in search of the inevitable mistakes. After implementation of SAP we spend 20% of time on information input and 80% on its analysis."


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