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Implementation of Finance and Economic Activities Management System in "Moscow Metro"

The Metro is the foundation of public transport in Moscow and is the world leader in terms of volume and intensity of passenger traffic.
Every day almost 10,000 trains course on 12 lines with a total length of 292.2 kilometers.

The Moscow Metro has rolling stock of more than five hundred trains comprising almost 4,500 cars. Other Metro statistics include:

  • 15 train sheds
  • 176 stations
  • 273 vestibules
  • 35,000 employees
The frequent regularity of traffic, and the safety and reliability of the Moscow Metro is achieved by using cutting-edge technologies and technical equipment based on the advanced international experience of the world’s largest transportation companies.
Objectives of implementation
  • Reduction of expenses
  • Savings on maintenance expenses
  • Procurement control
  • Providing reliable financial and economic value
  • Operational information provision
  • Control over “plan-fact-deviation” data
  • Operational management
Implemented functions
Within the framework of the implementation project for the Automated Financial and Economic Activities Management system in the Moscow Metro the following SAP applications were implemented:
  • Financial management (accounting and reporting, tax accounting, general ledger, fixed assets accounting / FI)

  • Planning and accounting of actual expenses (CO)

  • Management of material flows (MM)

  • Maintenance and repair management(PM)

  • Personnel and payroll accounting(HR)

Implementation Results
The results of the implementation of the Automated Financial and Economic Activities Management system were as follows:
  • Development of unified algorithms for the execution of internal transactions and cost accounting;

  • Development of unified centralized directories of wage types, commodities and materials classifications and definition of unified algorithms for payroll and taxes computation;

  • Monitoring of commodities and materials procurement prices in Metro enterprises;

  • Operational monitoring of stock with the capacity to transfer commodities and materials between the enterprise subdivisions;

  • Automation of data input validity checking

  • Standardization of evaluation procedures and sourcing on material-mix purchasing;

  • Operational reporting and background documentation, analysis of primary documentation;

  • Maintenance and repairs planning depending on the actual state of rolling stock;

  • Collection and analysis of maintenance and repairs statistics;

  • Receipt of prompt information on actual status of production and the personnel staffing  of administrative units, availability of information on vacations in divisions;

  • Accounting and execution of all requirements of labor and tax laws.

"We didn’t just receive a transparent financial system but also a stimulus for our employees to work in new ways. The information pyramid is now destroyed and any operator is fully responsible for any mistake because the management can check any particular operation at any level".
Dmitri Vladimirovich Gaev, Head of Moscow Metro


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