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STC (Solution for Transport Companies)  SAP based

Smart Technologies Group has developed a solution specifically designed for Transportation companies and enterprises with extensive vehicle fleets which allows the Customer to obtain a full account of transport activity - from the drawing up of primary documentation to operational and financial reports analysis.

The solution STC has successfully passed the certification of SAP AG in accordance with the requirements and standards of integration with SAP ERP.

In short the implementation of STC gives the ability to:
  • Trace and effectively plan transport activities of the enterprise;

  • Optimize the workload of routes and separate vehicles;

  • Increase financial performance of each vehicle;

  • Provide effective integration with existing enterprise information systems.

STC Capabilities:
  • Automation of the basic business processes relating to the transport activity of the enterprise (planning and performance accounting of transport work, formation and processing of primary documentation - orders, trip sheets, etc.)

  • Formation of a uniform centralized stationary reference book and uniform primary documentation

  • Control of Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants delivery

  • Formation of operative and analytical reporting for any period of time

  • Integration with standard SAP/R3 modules and external systems