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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the basic resource management mechanism of any modern enterprise. ERP links all business processes and information as well as the external relations of the enterprise into a single system.  ERP supports all the functions of management - from target setting to execution control.

Since 1996 Smart Technologies Group has been actively developing the Corporate Information Systems (CIS) sector, and currently has one of the best team of experts on ERP implementation in Russia.

We offer the following services and solutions in the context of ERP:
  • Targeted seminars about the program in preparation for ERP implementation
  • Definition of  the activities and targets of implementation, the strategies of implementation and project management planning
  • Development of a management and business processes model for the optimal implementation of the proposed information system or individual modules
  • Designing and build an information system in accordance with the approved management model
  • Testing and launching of the information system, training of the Customer’s personnel
  • Consulting on expanding the functionality of existing systems and integrating them with other systems
  • Maintenance services for operatonal information systems
Smart Technologies Group has experience in both building and supporting ERP systems and has developed software applications for Personnel Management (HR), Supplier Relations Management (SRM), Transport Activities Management (STC), and others.